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Back-to-back cover stories (January and February 2016)

MIA since November 2015 and I'm back with back-to-back peacock bass cover stories for the January 2016 VisKoors (Fishing Fever) of South Africa and February 2016 Rod&Line (English version) of Malaysia and Singapore. This is my first cover story for VisKoors of South Africa and my second for R&L magazine of Malaysia.

If you're reading this, I want to personally thank C.S. Fong (editor-in-chief of R&L) and Hannes Lindeque (publisher of SA Bass and VisKoors).

cover 242-feb2016
My latest cover story for Rod&Line (English version) magazine on sale February 2016 nationwide in Malaysia and Singapore.

VK 2016 01 Cover Urban Peacock Bass Fishing
My January 2016 cover story on VisKoors (Fishing Fever) of South Africa.

A really big thank you to all those who've made this possible:-
- TCE Sports Sdn. Bhd. (official distributors of Daiwa in Malaysia)
- SportyFish Series (Singapore-based performance angling wear)
- BITEZ (Singapore-based distributor of TheOutdoor and Livingston Lures)
- Nice Fish! Distribution (official distributors of Sunline, Majorcraft and Seaspin in UK/Ireland)
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Deep Water, Urban Peacock Bass Fishing (Malaysia)

Check out my latest piece for the BBZ website.

Check out my latest article on Deep Water, Urban Peacock Bass Fishing (Malaysia) for theBBZ. I had a blast peacock bass fishing back home in Malaysia with some really awesome people. The fishing was quite good and I want to thank all the folks who made this happen. Check out some of the pictures and be sure to follow me on Facebook and check out the BBZ website.

Check out the latest news and articles on the BBZ website.

My first urban peacock bass on O.S.P High Pitcher spinnerbait.

My friend, local angler Daniel Koay with a decent size fish on Berkley PowerBait Minnow.

Let them go and let them grow.

Big thanks to my all sponsors for making this happen.
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My take on the new Daiwa Alphas SV 105SH

Photo 25-10-2015, 10 43 43
My new Daiwa Alphas SV 105SH.

Photo 25-10-2015, 10 43 56
The hi-speed 105SH is THE finesse worm/jig that I've been looking for.

After nearly 10 years in active field service, most recently August 2015 in Malaysia, I've finally sold my beloved Daiwa Alphas 103. Its replacement is the current, new Alphas SV 105 launched Spring 2015 in Japan. I'm a big fan of the original Alphas and the new Alphas SV is in every way, a worthy replacement. It even features a hi-speed 105SH model. To me, this is THE finesse worm/jig reel that I've been looking for.

Photo 25-10-2015, 10 43 31
The stock 80mm handle makes way for a slightly longer 85mm Avail ESD aluminum handle.

This reel features a clicking drag-star that is made of plastic. The swept handle is nice but in my opinion 80mm is maybe a little too short for a hi-speed reel. So, I had mine replaced with a 85mm Avail ESD aluminum handle. The palming profile is nearly identical to the 103. The gear-side sideplate is highly relieved and more sculpted to save weight. The SV spool feels totally different to the old Magforce-V spool. It casts further, but is not easy to tame, especially in the beginning of the cast. For those who're familiar with the old Magforce-V or Magforce-Z spools, you'll need some time to fully tame the SV spool.

Photo 25-10-2015, 10 43 15
The new Alphas SV features a clicking drag-star and a whole lot of other features such as the new SV spool and hi-speed worm drive.

If you haven't noticed, the Alphas SV 105SH features a hi-speed worm drive which in my opinion may be similar in terms of design to the Zillion PE Special. That is no doubt a very useful feature that actually prevents the line burying.

To find out more, check out TackleTour for a complete review.
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