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'Basic' but Brilliant

Despite the advances in technology of fluorocarbon lines over the recent years, bizarrely, it remains 'unpopular' among the population of lure fishermen in the UK. Well, never mind the public opinion because it looks like a lot of the anglers out there may have overlooked one of the best inventions there is to date in the world of fishing.

No doubt, fluorocarbon lines have been gaining popularity in most of the bass fishing countries (USA, Japan, Southern Europe, China, etc.). Anglers have won tournaments left and right and they are relying more on fluorocarbon lines with the feedback from anglers remaining very positive. As they say, this could well be the next best thing in fishing since nylon monofilament was invented in the 1900's.

Basic but brilliant. The Sunline Basic FC multipurpose fluorocarbon fishing line, currently available in 2 lb to 20 lb test in 300 m spool (shown here is the 10 lb test class).

Despite it's comparatively hefty price tag (if you compare to equivalent range nylon monofilament lines), the advantages of fluorocarbon lines outweigh those of nylon in numerous departments. And, I am pretty sure that many of you out there know about the pros (and cons) of fluorocarbon lines and are enthusiastic in trying them. But, where do you even start? For a fact, the market is flooded with various makes of fluorocarbon lines so to speak. Well, if I may, let me point you to the correct direction because you don't need to look further than Sunline's Basic FC.

Personally, I've been using the Sunline Basic FC since early spring this year and have nothing but positive comments. And although I've just recently made the switch to the Basic FC, I can tell the difference straightaway quite literally from the first cast out. Without going in depth, they just feel amazing both in and out of the reel. It casts and pitches well and handles light stuffs superbly. Importantly, it doesn't burn the bank. In my humble opinion, in terms of price to performance ratio, nothing out there comes close.

IMG_7685 copy
The Sunline Basic FC fluorocarbon line (10 lb test) in action. If you're fishing in pressured waters, the fluorocarbon line is your 'go to' line.

Over these past few months, I've been using the Basic FC mainly for light stuffs, from 1/8 oz spinnerbaits to Texas-rigs. Over the winter months if you are fishing in canals with gin clear water, the last thing you want is for that fish to spot your line. In fact, on one occasion (on similar rigs), I was using the the Basic FC and it helped me outfish a fellow angler by 5 to 1.

The clear but cold start to the morning, just a week prior to the nationwide floods.

IMG_7688 copy
Small? I could've caught none. A small perch on a Texas-rig 4" lizard fished with the Sunline Basic FC in clear water on a clear morning.

Until the next field test, just give the Sunline Basic FC a try because I am sure you will never ever look back because. You don't have to take my word for it, the product speaks for itself. As for me, I will keep using it until I come across something better. As I've said, "Basic is Brilliant."

Thank you for reading and keep fishing.
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