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Bass fishing: China (Day-1, Tuoye Reservoir)

Day-1 at Tuoye went by in a flash. After setting foot at the boat launch after a 36-hour journey, I was left with about 2 hours fishing time. To make matters worse, don't think I had a bite out over the water and decided to fish the marina for the rest of the evening instead. Unfortunately, I lost a big one which came quite as a surprise on a 3/8 oz football head jig which bent the hook. As a consolation, I caught a small one a few casts later.

This one's not getting away.

Unfortunately, this is the best that I could do at Tuoye in Day-1.

The fishing at Tuoye was a lot tougher than I’d anticipated. The reservoir is highly pressurised and I guess most of the bass have probably been caught at least once or have probably seem most types of lures. Well, I’ve still got a couple of more days to learn the lake.

I just hope for better things to come in China.
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John Anderson
[ 2012/04/26 09:27 ] [ 編集 ]
TUOYE... Great spot with some really big bass I have fished a couple of tournaments there. But as you say it is highly pressured, lots of tournaments every year + recreational anglers fishing there all the time, too much pressure for such a small reservoir.

Great blog by the way.

Paul Lunaud
[ 2012/05/18 06:45 ] [ 編集 ]
Hi Paul
thanks for reading my blog. Glad to know that you've fished at Tuoya. From what I heard, Tuoye used to be very good when it opened. But after years, with many anglers fishing there, the bass have got smarter. It's just a small reservoir and the fishing pressure there is immense.
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