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Sunshine, blue skies... (Act. 1)

9°C on a mid-summer’s morning? What a start to a day! But, on the bright side, it was to be a dry sunny day (thank god for that). For this particular outing, we were fishing at a ‘boat free’ stretch of my local river. The day started off well. I caught and released what was to be a hard fighting pike. For the record, I nearly lost my rod while I was fighting the fish in the cover. Not long afterwards, Sharky landed a good size perch. Bizarrely, fishing began to slow down considerably after that.

Another hard fighting pike. I nearly lost my rod fighting the fish when it headed for the cover.

Sharky with a good size perch on a soft plastic grub.

The conditions were excellent but the fishing was slow.

Fortunately, we had the brook at our disposal. At about midday, Sharky caught one of the biggest ‘baby’ pike I’ve ever seen! For me, that’s a really good size fish from the brook. As for myself, I lost a 2 lb perch in some sparse cover. I should have set the hook harder but that's fishing, sometimes you win and sometimes you loose. The best that I could manage after that was a couple of small, plus one decent size chub further upstream. As for Sharky, he concluded the outing with a 4 lb chub on a soft plastic craw which looked like a lobster!

Sharky with a 'baby' pike from the brook.

I would swap that for a 2 lb perch any day. Sometimes you win and sometimes you loose. It's all part of the game.

Now that's what I call a chub! Sharky with a big one.

A nice chub from a narrow stretch of the brook.

So far, the fishing had been quite good. But, I have to call it a day and head home to recuperate for the next outing later in the evening. Would the fishing be as good? We’ll find out soon…
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