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Swamp Thing

Conditions were excellent but where have all the fish gone? There weren't even any chub in this shallow river.

The cows were up early. It was breakfast time for most of them.

The high pressure weather system over the British Isles had brought some fine weather. The temperature was on the high side and the day couldn’t be better. It was a day for all the fine weather fishermen to savour. Personally, so long as the fish are biting, the weather to me is secondary. Of all my years of fishing in this country, I have to admit that I still couldn't quite get to grips with the seasonal effects on the fishing. For a while, I thought that the warm summer months are usually more productive. But, depending on which country you live and the species available to you, it can mean different things. Anyway, let's take a look at what happened over the weekend.

Sharky and I were determined to see if we could pull out any surprises from a spot which I've rated highly, but haven’t actually caught anything decent there ever. Physically, the conditions there looked immaculate and had the word fish written all over it. Sadly, history is about to repeat itself again. A couple of hours in and there were no bites and we decided to call it quit.

One of the weirs upstream. Again, conditions were great but the fish weren't biting.

A close-up view of the weir.

One of the relatively stagnant weir pools.

As an alternative, we headed to a nearby spot just further upstream where we would be fishing some weir pools. Not being entirely sure if it’s the weather that’s affecting the fishing, the only thing which I could manage was a small perch. And although I’ve almost caught a decent size (2 lb) perch, that never materialize.

A small perch on a 1/4oz spinnerbait. It looked a lot bigger when it was in the water. (Picture by Sharky)

At about midday, I just thought I’d give it one last try upstream. I was fishing a 3-inch YoMama soft plastic craw at a fast flowing channel near a reed bush. On just the second cast, I felt a hit but lost the fish. On the following cast, I could see a pike emerging from the lily pads and it went straight for the bait and set the hook as it turned. What happened next was to be the highlight of the outing. The fish had initially decided to head downstream but then headed straight for the reeds. I was fishing with a 20lb PowerPro braided line and thought I’d be fine. But, I was wrong. For sure, that was one of the best fighting pike I’ve ever hooked (period). Even when it was in the reeds, it was still stripping line out from my reel. By the time it had stopped, the fish had snagged itself. Fortunately, with Sharky’s landing net, and with some 'swamp walking' skills, we managed to net the fish to safety. Thanks Sharky. And after all the trouble, I was glad that we got the fish and it was released unharmed to fight another day. As for myself, I’ve had my first steps in swampy grounds and managed to escape the leaches.

Tipping the scale at about 4.5 lbs, it's small for a pike but it's definitely one of the hardest fighting pike I've caught (period) and one which is most difficult to land. (Picture by Sharky)
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