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One of Daiwa's best... the TD-Z

And now, let's take a walk down memory lane...

One of Daiwa's finest... the TD-Z 105H magnesium baitcasting reel.

Finally… the reel that I’ve always wanted but never owned till now, the Team Daiwa Z. Debuted in 1998, spanning over 8 years in production and used by countless professional bass anglers the world over, the TD-Z is probably one of Daiwa’s finest baitcasting reel until it was replaced by the Steez. Although countless reviews of the TD-Z is readily available online, I will give my initial thoughts of this reel on my blog.

Over the years, the TD-Z has seen many variations, ranging from the 103H and P, 100M, limited R, R+ and A.O.I versions. Even Megabass had brought it into their own stable as the TD-Ito, the first of the many Daiwa platform I'ze factory/Megabass reels. Among the many models as described, the 105H remains one of the rare models till today.

One of the first few baitcasting reels to feature a predominant asymmetry profile design. The 'gear-side', which houses an oversized alloy bronze main gear, is comparably larger than the 'palming-side'.

Side view of the predominantly 'oversize' gearbox of the TD-Z. The reel comes with audible clicking drag and spool tension adjustment. The reel also features a Titanium Nitride coated line guide.

The GIGAS 105 size shallow spool. The stock spool comes with Daiwa's Magforce-V nonlinear magnetic brake system. Most of the TD-Z and Steez spools are interchangeable.

In a way, the TD-Z could be seen as ‘the’ reel that put Daiwa back on track in contention with Shimano in the race for the finest baitcasting reels. Way back in the late 90’s when it was available to the masses, it was no doubt one of the finest baitcasting reels in the market. Back them, I had just graduated from high school and its price tag was a little too steep for me. However, throughout the years, the other Daiwa reels such as the Liberto Pixy, Alphas, Zillion, Steez had caught my attention. I though I was never going to get my hands on the TD-Z until I’ve found one just recently from a fellow TackleTour forum member (thanks Bronzefly). Not wanting to let the chance slip pass, I pulled the trigger almost straight away. Now, all I got to do is to test it on the water which I hope it should be fairly soon…
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