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Streetfishing: Guildford

This is a trip down memory lane and it was my first fishing trip with Mr. Konno fishermen who used to live and fish in London. I got to know him on facebook. In no time, we were fishing at his usual hunting grounds. I had contacted Mr. Konno because I was interested in doing an article for Rod and Line fishing magazine. As a freelance writer such as myself, I just got to have new ideas coming. Otherwise, I would literally run out of ideas for the article which I'm working on.

Before I even met Mr. Konno, I was amazed that his style of fishing was so similar to mine, which was why I had to go meet him and fish with him and get to know the person behind the angler. If the fishing went according to plan, the opportunity was there for two articles, plus on face-to-face Q&A interview article. The main agenda of the magazine articles was none other than urban or streetfishing, which is a type of fishing rarely practised in Malaysia. So, please stay tuned, the articles are in the works and should be ready in no time. But at the mean time, I just want to share some pictures, some alternative pictures that will not be part of the articles.

First fish of the day, on a heavy down shot rig. The correct species, but not really the size that we've hoped for :(

The day had unfortunately started out grey and overcast. Our first stop was a canal in Uxbridge and it was very cold. Not quite freezing but really cold. The weather had certainly affected the feeding pattern of our targeted species, the Perch. Mr. Konno could only produce one fish while I was one step behind with none. Time to move on...

A good size chub on a heavy down shot craw from under the bridge in town.

Before we put the foot on the pedal to Guildford, we stopped at a stream just within Uxbridge. There, the conditions were good. The stream was clear. Persistence had paid off and Mr. Konno was awarded with a good size chub. However, the fish didn't come easy. But, it was a good start and not a bad one. So, on to the main agenda, Guildford this time and we hope to do better.

It was sunny when we arrived at Guildford. The temperature had improved and we hoped that it should have warmed things up. The outlook couldn't be better for perch fishing. Not long after we arrive, I was surprised that the spot in which we would be fishing was actually not too far away from where we were parked. In went the first cast just moments after we were out of the car!

A true streetfishermen indeed!

It was truly streetfishing. The traffic was passing by just as we fished. As usual, our presence attracted some curious pedestrians as we carried on fishing. Although the weather had suddenly looked great, it was all just false. The fishing itself didn't improve and things seemed harder than we've thought. Even Mr. Konno was surprised by the lack of bites and activity. Unfortunately, we concluded the day with just a pike and a perch. Apart from the quality of the catch, I was there for the experience. We just prove the point that nothing is ever guaranteed in fishing. We pressed on with the difficult conditions to make the best out of it. Anyone who wish to know more about this trip, please follow me on my blog. Thanks.

Looks fishy but we caught nothing from here.

A not too bad perch on a wacky rigged 2" Gary Yamamoto Senko worm, my only fish of the day.
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