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Air Kuning Lake 4 (Day 5)

Picture 795
Good morning Air Kuning! An early morning 30cm+ peacock bass on a Duel Hardcore jerkbait.

Day 5 in Air Kuning was to be my last trip for my holidays. After 4 false starts, when’s the serious fishing gonna even to start for me? It would have to be today or I’m gonna have to wait another two years to come back to fish. For this occasion, and as with most, I will be fishing with my trusted buddy Fishnut and we will be playing it safe. Meaning, we will stick with old fashion experience and head to Lake 4 that is. We'll be putting a hold on Lakes 1, 2 and 3 on this occasion. Our plan at Lake 4 was simple and straightforward, to check out the spots where Fishnut once found to be productive.

The day couldn’t have started well enough. The downpour that came the evening before was enough to raise the water level of the lake. Now, it feels as though Lake 4 is back to its old self. However, whether or not the rainfall is enough to cause an influx of water to enter from the neighboring tributaries remains a question to be answered, in which we found otherwise. But that's OK.

On land, the water level seems to have risen at least a meter or so, which is what have been hoping for all these while since day 1. Well, it’s better late than none. At the boat launch, Uncle Benny was quick to unload the boat and his gear. In no time, we were already on the water.

The weather outlook in Air Kuning. Looks great!

Picture 799
The Flash Minnow strikes again. Fishnut with a medium size peacock bass.

There were plenty of rises in the early morning, most were peacock bass and possibly from other unidentified species. In contrast to the previous week, the lake seems much more alive. After catching and releasing a number of small ones, we were soon in the groove. I landed a decent size one in the early morning on one of my Duel Hardcore jerk bait (JB-90SP) and so did Fishnut. However, the big ones weren’t there for some reason.

Picture 803
Not my first peacock bass on spinnerbait but a first for this trip, on a custom made 1/4 oz spinnerbait. Don't be fooled by it's size, this one fought well.

Soon, we moved to fish the weeds and it was where I caught my first peacock bass for the trip on a spinnerbait. Even though it was not a big one, it put up a really good fight considering I was fishing with medium heavy (MH) tackle with 30 lb braided line. It was not long before the quality started to come. Still fishing with a spinnerbait, I hooked and landed a big one about 47 cm near the south of the lake near the tree line, thanks to Fishnut’s good fishing skills.

Picture 810
The first quality fish of the day, a 47 cm pre-spawn bull on a 1/4 oz spinnerbait from the tree line.

Picture 817
or is it 47.5 cm? It doesn't really matter. That size will put a smile on anyone's face.

Picture 821
Yes. It's all catch and release. Do your bid, not so that others can follow, but remains a culture.

Picture 822
The magic tree line? I hope it will stay that way.

The second half of the session started well. Fishnut had once again pulled out an Air Kuning haruan trick by landing another good size haruan on a Duel Hardcore jerkbait. Soon, it was Fishnut’s turn to land another 47 cm peacock bass from one of the coves. Suddenly, the day’s fishing seems to have gone alive. Not long after, I produced another 47 cm fish with the Duel Hardcore jerkbait. But the honors of the day, if not the weekend’s would have to go to Fishnut. Once again, he caught another haruan on a jerkbait which was meant for peacock bass. If you include the toman the day before, it’s 4 snakeheads in total for the weekend’s trip! An amazing feat indeed!

Picture 828
Now what have we here? An Air Kuning haruan on a Duel Hardcore jerkbait by Fishnut.

Picture 833
Another good size snakehead by Fishnut and he's not stopping just yet.

Picture 840
Go Hardcore! Some of the jerkbaits used by myself in Air Kuning.

Picture 845
How nice... fishing under the shade...

Picture 850
No, he's not playing a stick in the water. It's another over 40 cm peacock bass at the other end of the line and it's going deep.

Picture 859
This is is caught on a Duel Hardcore jerkbait. A truly deadly lure.

Picture 873
My turn again, this time and again with the Duel Hardcore jerkbait. This one was caught on a 12 lb line outfit. The fight could have been better.

Picture 876
Snakehead master at work again. This time, the Duel Hardcore strikes once again...

Picture 881
...and again. This time, it's a nice size peacock bass.

So, what are the odds? After 4 false starts, I have truly redeemed myself. If my memory serves me right, this could well have been one of my best trips to Air Kuning. As for Fishnut, the statistics says it all. He is truly the snakehead master of the trip. Before we head separate ways, we took a moment to have a photo shoot with Air Kuning’s renowned fishing guide Uncle Benny. We would like to thank him for his services and his useful advice.

Picture 890
One for the album. From left to right, Fishingboy, Uncle Benny, Fishnut.

Anyone interested in Uncle Benny's Air Kuning peacock bass fishing boat rental and guiding services, please go to http://peacockbassheaven.blogspot.com/
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