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Air Kuning Lake 1 and 2 (Day 4)

Picture 780
Uncle Benny's private boat launch in Air Kuning Lake 1.

Day 4 in Air Kuning… This is where the serious fishing begins. I was actually looking forward to this trip since my last trip 5 years ago. Last weekend was an exception, the weather was hot, rainfall was scarce and the conditions were far from favorable. With ample rainfall from where we’d left off last week, conditions should at least improve (i.e. better water level). For this weekend, I will be fishing with Fishnut. Even with the sunburns on both my legs and feet, I was there with high hopes.

For this particular weekend, we will be using the boats supplied by renowned peacock bass fishing guide Uncle Benny. Instead of fishing Lake 4, we would be fishing Air Kuning Lake 1 and 2. In contrast, Lake 1 and 2 are comparably smaller than Lake 4. Personally, I’ve fished Lake 1 only once, about a week ago. Although the conditions then were much better than that of Lake 4 the previous week, I could only manage a kilo size fish and that was it. So, once again, I hope for the best. Fishnut on the other hand, has not fished in Lake 1 and is looking forward to try it. And there we were, at Uncle Benny’s private boat launch (not the ideal boat lunch considering the rather steep bank). Soon after, we were off to Lake 2 through the connecting channel to start the morning.

Picture 734
Robert with a 47cm peacock bass. The fish was caught on a 1/4 oz single willow spinnerbait.

Picture 747
A close-up view of the fish caught in Lake 2 with a slightly darker coloration. Is this a female?

Although this was just my 6th fishing trip in Air Kuning, I could definitely tell the difference between Lakes 1, 2 and 4 (till this day, I have not fished Lake 3). Most notably, parts of Lake 1 and 2 are filled, or in other words, chocked with cabomba and hydrilla. In addition, the water has a dark tint to it. In all, the conditions were quite different. One of the most effective ways to fish these weedbeds was to burn a spinnerbait over. Fishnut started the ball rolling by landing a big 47 cm peacock bass with one of my custom made ¼ oz spinnerbait. In terms of color, the peacock bass in Lake 1 and 2 looked quite different to those usually found in Lake 4. For starters, the gold tint is darker. But, they were not short of fighting qualities and that’s reassuring.

Picture 766
Fishnut in Air Kuning Lake 2.

Picture 760
A good size toman (giant snakehead) on a 1/4 oz spinnerbait caught near the far end of Lake 2.

Picture 772
The lily pads in Lake 2, simply beautiful.

Picture 771
Nature's snack... lotus seed. Yummy!

Not long after, Fisnut was in full action again by landing a good size giant snakehead (Channa micropeltes). Later in the day, he bettered his catch by landing good size common brown snakehead (Channa striata) on a soft plastic shad. As for me, I was still doing some soul searching, waiting to land my first decent size fish of the day. Although I scored a personal first by landing a medium size peacock bass on a flipping jig, I could not better my score and was left wondering for most of the day…

Picture 787
A first for me. A medium size peacock bass on a flipping jig from a weedbed.

In all, all fishes caught were released unharmed to fight another day, apart from the common brown snakehead which we decided to keep for dinner. Personally, I have not had freshly caught snakehead for more than five years now and I can’t wait till dinner time to sink my teeth into the fish. At the restaurant, the fish was cooked to near perfection. It was great, thanks to Fishnut. I could still remember the catfish we had almost 5 years ago!

Picture 791
Fishnut with the snakehead all ready cooked.

Picture 793
Air Kuning common brown snakehead stir fried with ginger and spring onions Tanjung Tualang Style. Yummy!
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