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Blast from the Past 3 (Ayer Kuning with Fishnut)

Part 2

This is where it all becomes interesting…

Fishnut started the evening with something that we don't often catch in Ayer Kuning. He landed a good size catfish trolling with a Duel Hardcore crankbait. The fight was quite a good one too and he couldn't even tell what the fish was until it surfaced.

A curve (fast action curve) that'll put a smile on anyone's face. Fishnut is seen here with a hard fighting fish. But what is it?

This is something you don't catch everyday at Ayer Kuning. A good size catfish on a Duel Hardcore diving crankbait.

Fishnut with his prized catch of the day. I was really excited with this, as we shall see later.

Moments later, as we continued trolling, the lure I was using bottomed (Luckycraft Classical Leader diving crankbait belonging to Fishnut). We might have hit shallow water. As I was reeling the lure in to check for snags, something big hit it. Not sure what it was, I was up on my feet doing battle with a mystery fish. The runs were strong and fast. I was fishing light and there was no way that I could control the fish. The best that we could do to prevent it from swimming away, with my spool of 10 lb Fins PRT braided line, was to chase it using the trolling motor.

A hard fighting a mystery fish...

Eventually but surely, a big snakehead could be seen surfacing, signifying that it was about to give up the fight. The fish tipped the scales at slightly over 10 lbs. It's definitely the biggest fish I've caught in Ayer Kuning! Probably one that fought the longest. I was fortunate that the water wasn't particularly snaggy because the fish would have been long lost.

Believe me, this is one is quite big. The Classical Leader looks like a pea next to it's jaws.

This giant shakehead tipped the scale at more than 10 lbs. Good size considering it's only my second trip to Ayer Kuning. Not bad at all on light tackle.

The fish was revived and released safely.

As we continued trolling, Fishnut lost two lures in two consecutive hits, possibly from even bigger snakeheads. Trolling wasn't easy nor smooth in Ayer Kuning, no thanks to the semi-professional netters. As things looked to be settled on this very last 'troll', again with the Classical Leader, we trolled into what initially felt like a big snag. As I was getting ready for my lure retriever, the 'snag' moved! It was undoubtedly a fish and it felt like a big one. This time, I was all over the boat for about 15 minutes or so, before realizing that I've foul hooked an Asian carp by the tip of its dorsal fin, which explains why the fish never showed signs of fatigue. So, what are the odds? I bettered my personal best in Ayer Kuning in a matter of hours (period). Interestingly, in terms of combined weight, we might have caught more of the 'other species' than peacock bass.

In action again. This time, the fight is even more intense. The fish kept going on and on. If we were fishing in land, the fish would have 'despoll' my reel within seconds. Tip, never troll with light tackle.

This one's even bigger than the giant snakehead. We didn't even try to weigh this fish for fear it might not survive after the long fight. It was released as soon as this picture was taken.

The trolling part went well even though we were fishing without a sonar. We just trolled wherever looked fishy and that approach work well. It was probably the trip where I was forced to dig into my reserves fighting two consecutive long fights. Now, this comes the best part after the fishing. Remember the catfish that Fishnut caught earlier? And yes, we kept the fish as a reward for all our hard work. Yum!

Without a doubt, this is one of the best catfish I've tasted (period). The ones from fish farms do not even come close. Thanks for Fishnut and the chef at the restaurant.

A nice reward for a hard day's work. A fresh catfish dinner. Couldn't be nicer.

Thanks for reading.
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