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The Big Bass Zone: Football Jigs for Urban Ponds (Part 1)

New BBZ 4
Check out my latest article on football jig for urban bass on the Big Bass Zone website at http://thebbz.com/

Check out my latest article on football jigs for urban bass fishing on http://thebbz.com/

The football jig, in my opinion, is a truly versatile lure for bass in urban waters. It's the one lure that you can use in deep, shallow, clear or muddy water and catch fish all year round. I've fished on urban ponds in France and China and I can tell you that there's always a jig fishing situation in urban, man-made environments.

In this article, I'm going to cover some basic jig fishing tips such as jig size, profile and color selection. In the next instalment, Part 2, we'll talk about presentation and retrieve styles.

So, if you heading out to that local pond, make sure you don't leave home without some football jigs in your tacklebox.

Thanks for reading.
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