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Never give up!!!

First of all, it must’ve been like 2 weeks since I last fished. And, it wasn’t until I realized that I’ve got something planned for next week in Hamburg, Germany, I made a point to myself that I just have to hit the water and go catch some fish. Not only that, just recently, I received some Majorcraft rods from my sponsors Nice Fish distribution and what better reason for me to go out and fish some of those new sticks!

I wouldn't want to bore you with the usual that I had that evening and I will just go straight to the point. Just before I was about to call it a night, it must have been like 9pm twilight, I was fishing in water less than 6” and caught this lunker perch! If it wasn't for that particular last cast, I would have zeroed big time.

IMG_0579 copy
Last cast of the day lunker perch!!!

The fished measured 40cm exactly on the Rawfinesse MiniScale. I was fishing a finesse swimbait on my new Majorcraft Volkey VKC-662M and I felt this rather sluggish bite in water of about 6” deep and nailed the hook-set at just the right time. I’d initially thought that it must have been a fat and short pike but I was wrong in a good way. (I have to thank those two passerbies for helping me shoot some of these pictures in the dark.)

40cm exactly on the Rawfinesse MiniScale!

One more shot of the big guy.

Now, let’s talk about my new rod. Having been using Majorcraft rods for my travels these last few years, it was my first time fishing a Volkey, in this instance a 2-piece version. On paper, I thought that I was ordering a ‘regular’ action medium-power rod which Majorcraft claims, instead the VKC-662M felt more like ‘regular fast’, which is what I was looking for in the first place. In my humble opinion, the VKC-662M seems a little too underrated. If anyone is planning on getting the VKC-662M to fish crankbaits, don’t. If you are fishing spinnerbaits of ¼ oz and below, as well as small bottom contact baits, this is no doubt the ‘mid-range’ rod to go for. As with most Majorcraft rods, finishing and built quality is excellent. This one comes with Fuji ACS reel seat, 9x Fuji SiC guides and split cork handle with minimalist EVA fore grip. I was fishing my Daiwa Alphas 103 spolled 12lb test Sunline Siglon 100% FC. In all, it is one capable setup for pulling the biggest perch from cover.

The 'Basic Series' Volkey VKC-662M by Majorcraft paired with a Daiwa Alphas 103.

In my view, this is actually a 'medium-fast' action rod, not quite regular action as stated on paper by Majorcraft.

A look at the split cork grip and Fuji ACS reelseat on the VKC-662M.

The Volkey comes with a nylon fabric rod sleeve. Order your's today at http://www.thepikeshop.co.uk/

And now, let hope I catch some more of these lunker perch next week in Hamburg, Germany. Whatever you do or however hopeless the situation may be, just don’t give up!!!
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