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China's big bass factory (Jiangxi Province)

It gives me great pleasure to present to you a sneak preview of a recent bass fishing field trip. First of all, I’d like to thank my sponsors Nice Fish Distribution (UK) and TCE Sports (Malaysia) for their gracious contribution. All in all, I must have been equipped to handle every possible scenario, from shallow to deep water.

I caught the first fish of the day with a Majorcraft Zoner 55 crankbait. It's not a monster bass but nothing beats the feeling of catching one on a reaction bait.

Now let’s talk about the trip. The journey to the Far East from Western Europe was no doubt a long one. It took me six flights to get in and out of the nearest city to the impoundment where it all happened. Though it wasn’t my first fishing trip in China, it was actually my first visit to Jiangxi province in the South East of this vast country.

Landing my first bass of the day.

Like most bass fishing countries, Chinese anglers love their bass fishing. And though the sport isn’t new in China, most lakes and impoundments are actually stocked with farmed bass of which is very different to the pure American strain largemouth. But, that’s not the case in Jiangxi because they had a batch of Florida strain largemouth way back in 2006. Remaining largely ignored till last year, no one actually fishes for bass in the impoundment. But to me, that’s absolute good news. Even so, the bites did not come easy and you’d have to work for those big bites. We will talk about that in future entries.

A small bass on a Majoarcraft Zoner 55 crankbait.

Over the course of the first day, I was fishing with Majorcraft Zoner crankbaits and could more of less dial a pattern within certain times of the day. In shallow water, the Zoner 55 is perfectly at home. Like most crankbaits, it handles well in sparse cover. I was fishing the Zoner 55 with a crankbait specific Majorcraft Day’s DC-682MG fibreglass rod with 12 lb test Sunline Siglon 100% Fluorocarbon line. All in all, it’s a good package, one which travels and fishes well at the same time.

During the first day, conditions in Jiangxi were perfect. The fish were hitting most reaction baits. While I could more or less fish with any reaction bait I wanted, I stuck with crankbaits for most of the morning.

I was fishing the Majorcraft Zoner 55 in mainly shallow water.

Before I actually took to the skies to get to Jiangxi, there were loads of prep work involved, from sorting out baits, servicing reels, spooling fresh line to anything you can name. But, it’s all been worth it. Stay tuned for more reports to come. Thanks for reading.

One of the Zoner lures in its original packaging before the trip.

Many thanks to me sponsors in the UK (Nice Fish!) for sending these to me in time for the trip.

A good mix of Majorcraft Zoner crankbaits and jerkbaits.

Servicing seven reels in one night is no fun.

Amazingly, I can fit 6 baitcasting rods in this travel rod tube. This thing has had thousands of air-miles over these few years.
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