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Gunning jumbo perch in snow!!!

And here we go again… more snow and winter weather in what’s supposed to be late spring. Over the last few weeks, we've had multiple cold fronts, and now wind, snow and blizzard conditions leading up to this recent weekend.

The weather outlook so far (UK MET Office forecast). Not good, but fishing was on fire!!!

In terms of temperature, it was about 32°F (or 0° degree Celsius) Saturday morning. Bizarrely, it didn't feel cold. Despite the pounding snowfall, conditions in the canal were awesome. Winter is on fire, so to speak. Fishing-wise, I thought that was in for a slow grind, but I was so wrong… and caught this jumbo perch on just the 5th cast. Talk about a total inverse of what I had two weeks ago. These jumbo perch are definitely smokin' the hell out of the spinnerbaits in the cold. This is really awesome!

And he's not going anywhere with that spinnerbait. A hard fighting jumbo perch in the snow.

While I was there fishing, baitfish everywhere and the big guys were running them left, right and centre. Water clarity was absolutely good, about 2 feet or more. But, sight fishing was no possible on that occasion. With the overnight freeze, there were actually ‘ice mats’ and those seemed to be attracting baitfish as well.

The toad is heavy for sure. Snow, wind and the bites are big. Bring it on!!!

Though the weather and climate over here’s been somewhat messed up lately, it hasn’t stop those big perch from biting. In fact, those that I’ve caught lately are actually bigger than some of the largemouths I’ve caught last spring. Over at that particular waterway, those big perch are actually the alpha predator there.

The 'mugshot' of the jumbo perch. Absolute heavy-duty quality.

Over these past few weekends, I was fishing with my favourite finesse spinnerbaiting Palms rod paired with a Daiwa Alphas 103, spooled with Sunline Siglon 100% Fluorocarbon with Sunline Siglon Low Viz 100% Fluorocarbon leader. Believe me, this is one truly deadly combination.

Not so big belly compared to the one I caught two weeks ago but still very good size for a perch.

For those who’ve never tried Fluorocarbon leaders (mainly freshwater anglers in the UK), I urge you to not make any judgements until you really spend time using and understanding the need for them in the first place, because to get those big guys to bite in fairly clear water conditions presentation is utterly important, especially if you’re finesse fishing for those big bites.

Fishing in the snow anyone? Conditions were awesome.

For me, from experience bass (and many other species) fishing abroad, when it really matters the most with bait presentation, fluorocarbon line and leader is the key to making those big differences. For those whose aim is to catch those finicky big perch in clear water, think fluorocarbon.

One of the 'ice mats' but there were no bites under this one.

A fishy looking spot but there were not bites here.

A snow covered bank.

Sunline Siglon Low Viz 100% Fluorocarbon leader. Order one from your local tackle dealer.

My favorite finesse spinnerbaiting combo (period).

The ammunition for gunning down those big perch in cold water.

Last but not least, man I wish this winter weather can continue for just a couple of weeks more because if it snows again this week. I’ll be the first to hit the bank. Till the next time, fish hard, fish well and take care.
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