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Blast from the Past 1 (Ayer Kuning with Fishnut)

Ayer Kuning (Act. 1)

This has got to be one of my best fishing trips in Malaysia so far. I still can't stop talking about the fishing that happened that day. It was my first trip to Ayer Kuning (Perak, Malaysia) and I couldn't have done it better with Fishnut. Having been living in Canada for 12 years of his life, he's got all the experience in Smallmouth fishing for which he found is so similar to peacock bass fishing, notably the Butterfly Pavon. According to Fishnut, Smallmouth are not as lazy as the largemouths. For starters, rarely the hide in thick cover and weeds. They prefer to work hard by chasing down their prey, which means 'power fishing' tactics, which is not really my preferred type of fishing. But, I kept my mind open. The only reason that I've not been good in power fishing was all to do with the past. For some reason, I seem to do better fishing the non-reaction baits.

Lure's fully inhaled! Great, what a good start. He's definitely not going anywhere.

But anyway, back to the main subject, my first day at the high profile Ayer Kuning lake didn't go well. We were greeted by a storm just moments setting up the boat and outboard. We had no choice but to take cover in the car. As soon as the skies cleared, we were back fishing. Moments after just his first few casts, Fishnut fought a tough battle with 'something' in the weed that straightened the hooks on his Yo-zuri Bass Arms minnow. We wanted to believe that it was a Giant Snakehead but the lure came back without any teeth marks! Fishnut could have easily battered his catch record at Ayer Kuning but that didn't materialized. Not a good start but very promising indeed. Soon after, Fishnut caught his first peacock of the day and never looked back once when he clipped on a Luckycraft Flash Minnow SP 80mm.

A 3 pounder on a Flashminnow SP 80mm. Not bad after all.

Fishnut with the first fish of the day and his favourite G.Loomis GLX and Shimano Twinpower (they form a very deadly combination, beware!)

Wonder where the lure's gone? It's fully inhaled but the fish was unhooked and released safely, no blood this time.

Fishnut was catching and releasing fish after fish. Honestly, I didn't catch anything the entire morning. Only the odd hits and miss. I must have been missing something. Seriously missing something. Coupled with the fact that power fishing isn't my game, I couldn't have fared any better or worse. By the time we hit midday, I was back in business, slowly but steadily, with some help. Because my lures were practically useless in Ayer Kuning, I had to resort to borrowing one of Fishnut's backup lure. I was glad that the backup lure was one of the most deadly lure I've ever used in Ayer Kuning and it was something which you do not normally find any anybody's tackle box. The lure... a Tacklehouse Necton deep diving jerkbait. It's a very strange looking lure with the body of a jerk bait with a diving bib of a crank bait! Odd combination but it worked wonders. The second fish I caught using this lure turned out to be the biggest fish of the trip! The fish put up a good fight and some areal display. As soon as I got it to the boat, I was surprised to see that it was only hooked on the skin of the gill plate. Call it fluke but the hook-up was quite firm. Not wanting to risk the fish escaping, I had it on the boat straight away. Now that's what I call 'Super'! But, sadly, this lure is out of production now :(

A peacock fighting strong and going deep in midday. Could it be the lunchtime rush?

Not the best hook-up but who cares. I redeemed myself after a very poor start. Thanks to Fishnut's Tacklehouse Necton minnow that's for sure.

How's that for my second fish of the day which turned out to be the biggest of the day as well! Awesome! But, not when you compare this... Score: Fishnut 40+, Fishingboy 10+ :(

By the time we hooked and released a few more, the sun was up and the heat was too intense that we had to take cover near the boat launch. So, that's how the morning, early afternoon session went. Stay tuned for more blast of the past stories to come from The Fishing Blog. Thanks for reading and following.

We beached the boat and got ourselves out of the way of the sun.
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