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No perch day

IMG_8816 copy
A big bad pike on a 1/8 oz finesse spinnerbait with a Berkley Powerbait swimbait trailer. The Sunline Siglon 100% Fluorocarbon line barely broke sweat.

The condition this past week has been fairly decent. For the first time in months, temperatures finally reached into the teens, albeit momentarily in midday. The good thing being, the rains have finally stopped for now. Based on what I've seen this past week, the improvement in water quality has been immense. For once in many months, the number of bites have been increasing. These days, it's a lot easier to dial a pattern. Importantly, things looked more upbeat with the warming trend.

A deadly combination for perch that is also a multispecies killer.

Over the past weekend, the perch in the small stream seemed to have vanished. Instead, the slightly warmer temperatures had sort of got the chub and pike into hyperactive mode. Out of no where, they burst into the scene and started biting left, right and center. As for me, some bites are better than no bites, even if it's from the other species. If I was better prepared, I could have nailed some big pike with heavy swimbaits. But then again, as a multispecies angler, you just got to make do with what you have in hand. While I was on the lookout for perch near a creek channel by the river, a big bad pike shot out from the current break and grabbed the bait. Even in current waters, the Sunline Siglon 100% Fluorocarbon I was using barely broke sweat.

Pitching for perch in the small stream but caught some other species instead.

Further upstream, the bizarre trend seems to be repeating once again. Just like the pike at the creek channel, the chub had indeed dominated the small stream by colonizing the vast array of structure and cover in it. With that, where does that leave the perch? Till today, that's the the puzzle that I've been trying to solve. In my years of experience with perch fishing in small streams, you just can't have two species dominating the same ecosystem because there's just room for one at a time.

IMG_8745 copy
A slimy chub on a Texas-rig beaver craw. Fun to catch but a not good to handle.

As of now, it's the turn of the chub but when water levels rise and the current turns slack, out goes the chub and in comes the perch to take over. In my opinion, that's how it works but I may be wrong. A few years ago, I've had real blast at the small stream when the perch were literally everywhere where there is structure and cover. And from experience, those sort of conditions don't often happen just like that. With the weather remaining dry over the week ahead, I just don't see that recurring for now.

IMG_8788 copy
A small chub on a Texas-rig beaver craw.

But as of now, whoever's a chub angler, they should go check out the conditions at their local small stream because it's likely that the conditions may well be fairly similar. Just over a short spell in the morning, I've had three bites and they were all chub. In fact, I caught one in a still water canal and that took me by surprise because that was my third ever chub caught in a canal.

So, with the unpredictability factor of spring going into full swing, who knows what the conditions will bring next. Will it be the perch, pike, chub or something else. For all I know, I'll just be looking for bites for now.

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