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The prespawner

Location: East Midlands (England)
Air temperature: +2.5 degree Celsius (feels like -4)
Water temperature: Fairly low
Barometric pressure: Reasonably high
Wind speed: Low
Conditions: Cloudy
Targeted species: Perch
Rod used: Majorcraft Beneyro BNC-652MH
Line used: 10 lb test Sunline Basic FC Fluorocarbon

IMG_8625 copy
Not exactly a 'kicker'. On a good day, that's merely considered decent. But, when conditions aren't that great, any size counts.

And so, winter is almost over. For once in months, conditions are gradually improving. Despite the cold, the fishing has been fairly decent so to speak, with bites becoming more frequent. Importantly, the perch are starting to bite. However, the pattern won't usually last long as you got to change up just to keep up. I suspect, the fish may well still be scattered all over and not schooling up in numbers for some reason.

On my recent trip, I caught a few decent ones on a Texas-rigged soft plastic and double willow spinnerbait at practically the same spot within 24 hours. You can call that a slow day, but in fact it's actually a vast improvement over the past few months. Back then, I'd be happy just to have some bites.

DSCF5340 copy
A small perch on a double willow spinnerbait caught just next to the bank.

Though the catch aren't anything massive in size, they are definitely showing signs of 'bulking up' and ready to spawn as soon as the water warms. Now, that can only be a sign of better things to come of which I hope should help bring back the quality bites.

Bizarrely for the time of the year, the spot where I caught the two fish isn't deep by any means. At most, I'd say it's probably about a meter deep. So, am I missing something here or what? Does that indicate that the perch are starting to move to shallow water? The only way to find out is to head out and do more fishing.

IMG_8609 copy
Unhooking the fat slab.

IMG_8652 copy
The weapon of the day... Majorcraft Beneyro BNC-652MH, Shimano Scorpion 1000XT and Sunline Basic FC Fluorocarbon 10 lb test.

Despite the low temperatures, the surface pressure as according to the forecast has been on the high side. With the trend set to continue throughout the week all through the weekend, that should mean calmer more stable conditions which is vital for the fish. Just like people, the fish can change according to the conditions. But, if conditions remain stable, so should the fish.

IMG_8672 copy
Another one back in the water to grow up to fight another day.

IMG_8691 copy
The Texas-rigged 3.5" beaver craw has so far been my favorite bait for perch in almost any conditions.

So come this weekend, if the forecast remains true, firstly, all I want are some bites to start with then I'll start thinking about my strategy. Though I'm not looking numbers, any quality should do me just fine. So, don't let the cold bother you. Grab your rod and head out fishing because winter is almost over. Thanks for reading.
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Nice post. I'd not really thought of a beaver craw for Perch. I'm going to give it a try on my local canal. Thanks for giving me confidence!
[ 2013/03/12 19:14 ] [ 編集 ]
No problem bro. Hope you catch some big perch with it ;)
[ 2013/03/12 21:34 ] [ 編集 ]
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