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Into the Zone!!! Zoner lures by Majorcraft

Now, it must have been ages since I last fished with any form of hard reaction baits. If memory serves me right, the last fish I caught on a one of those was way back in late spring 2012 in Eastern China. As much as I love fishing with hard reaction baits, the only thing which holds me back from doing so is price. These days, well made quality hard baits are definitely not cheap, which is why if you're looking to spend your hard earned money one some, make sure you get the proven ones and that you don't loose any to the snags.

Most of us know when it comes to hard baits, the Americans and Japanese make some of the best out there today mostly for bass fishing application, not forgetting Rapala and a few other Australian makes. So, if you're new to lure fishing, where do you even start because there are currently 'countless' manufacturers out there, with each claiming theirs is better than the others.

The new and soon to be officially launched Zoner by Majorcraft. This one is a prototype 70 mm hard jerkbait, already tested and proven to work.

And now, anglers are going to feel that they are spoilt for more choices because there's a new player in the market by the familiar name of Majorcraft with their soon to be launched 'Zoner'. Now, with the recent floods all over England causing disruptions to most of the freshwater fisheries, I have had limited time on the water fishing with some of the prototype hard jerkbaits from Majorcraft Japan. Saying that, my first impressions of the lures both in and out of the water have been mostly positive. From a field test which was carried out by me a few weeks ago in somewhat pressured waters, the 70 mm prototype jerkbait delivered the goods. There is no doubt that Majorcraft had indeed done their homework in getting the performance of the Zoner right. Even in the prototype stage, from a non-biased opinion, these lures fish right out of the box with virtually no flaws in swimming action.

Some of the prototype Zoner 70 mm hard jerkbaits by Majorcraft.

Unfortunately, the floods hit before I could even test out the rest of the prototypes, namely the shallow crankbaits which kind of reminds me of those by Megabass. Judging from the 'in the water' performance of those prototype jerkbaits as mentioned above, one can assume that the Zoner crankbaits have to be equally as good. From just the finishing alone, you can tell that it's a well made product right down to the fine details reminiscent of some of the top Japanese makes (i.e. Jackall, Luckycraft, Megabass, etc.).

Some of the Zoner prototype crankbaits by Majorcraft.

You won't be disappointed with the Zoner by Majorcraft. It is only a matter of time before conditions improve come spring for some big perch action.

While we await for conditions to improve in the region's rivers, streams and canals, let us also hope that weather behaves itself for the weeks to come and not give us anymore rain because those Zoner crankbaits deserve to be out in the water. At the moment, based on the rather limited time I had with the Zoner since the last field test, I can see them being a real success upon their official launch in the next few months.

As always, thanks for reading and keep fishing wherever you live.
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National Sales Manager
Great article!

We really can't wait to recieve our Zoners here in Germany...only a few days left ;)

They will rock the pond!
[ 2013/04/24 06:29 ] [ 編集 ]
Re: National Sales Manager
Thank you!!!

> Great article!
> We really can't wait to recieve our Zoners here in Germany...only a few days left ;)
> They will rock the pond!
[ 2013/05/06 19:31 ] [ 編集 ]
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