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One day, one fish with the Jika-rig

Location: East Midlands (England)
Air temperature: 7 degree Celsius
Water temperature: Fairly low
Barometric pressure: Very low
Wind speed: High
Conditions: Overcast with rain
Targeted species: Perch and pike
Line used: 10 lb test Sunline Basic FC Fluorocarbon
Majorcraft rod used: Days DC-662MH Length(ft):6'6"・Lure(oz):1/4-1・Line(lb):12-20・Action:REGULAR FAST

First perch on a homemade Jika-rig with a 3.5" beaver craw. This was also my one and only fish of the day, after spending almost 6 hours on the water. (pictures by Sharky)

Fishing-wise, it was probably one of the slowest weekend of the season so far. Weather-wise, it was probably one of the worst, so to speak. No thanks to that, the morning started off with high winds and rain which lasted for most of the day. Overall, we caught two fish and they were well below what's normally considered decent. No doubt, the recent floods have severely affected the quality of the water. For now, we'll just have to put up with all that.

My take on the Jika-rig which is very similar to Owner's version also known as the Jig-rig. With the Majorcraft Days 662MH, this is one deadly finesse pitching combo.

But on a positive note, I hooked and caught my first fish on the Jika-rig! Over the years, I've been relying solely on the Texas-rig for spot presentation for bass and perch in cover. On what was only my second attempt with the Jika-rig, I found it awesome! Not only that it casts and pitches with great accuracy, it was resilient to most snags. After 6 long hours in and out of the water, it barely broke sweat and withstood some of the meanest snags in the canal.

The sparse cover where I caught my one and only fish of the day.

As with most Jika-rigs found today, mine was homemade and it consists of a 2/0 size Matzuo wide gap offset worm hook, 3/16 oz cylinder dropshot sinker and split ring. Although I've seen several other configurations of the Jika-rig, I kept mine as simple as possible. In a way, I took the Jika-rig by Owner is the benchmark.

In the water, the Jika-rig adds another dimension to the action of your creature baits that you don't normally see with other rigs. Unlike its closest reminiscent, the dropshot rig, the bait on the Jika-rig is allowed to swivel about the split ring. Now, despite this modest addition, the bait is undoubtedly a lot more lively when jiggled underwater.

The outlook wasn't great... it rained moments later.

Sharky's turn with his one and only fish of the day.

So now, back to the 'weather talk'. When conditions improved, I am sure that the Jika-rig will no doubt come in handy when I am out looking to catch some perch in cover.

As always, thanks for reading and always believe in lures.
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